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Cotton Crop Painting by Carolyn Altman

Cotton - A Bouquet of My Childhood painted in 2013, bringing memories of good times on our family farm in Hall County Texas. --------------------------------------------------------------- 
The soft white and bright pink blooms transforming into boles that open in the fall to snowy white cotton. The worry and work that it took to get to that snowy white cotton isn't forgotten. I remember the hot summer days and my parents praying for rain to come, without that dreaded hail. The summer, schools out vacation days, that we had to get up at what seemed earlier than daybreak - which I am certain it wasn't all that early, to beat the heat so that we could hoe the dreaded weeds out of the cotton. Then, when the rains didn't come, I remember squishing our toes in the mud made by the water from the irrigation well as we hand carried the pipe several rows over to water the next patch of cotton. We would use a wire to unclog the sprinklers, then run fast to get out of the way before the sp' sp' sp' of the water came around and got us wet (which was really fun when it did hit us and cooled us off). These hot days weren't always pleasant to me, although I don't think I was over worked! I look back with pride at the work my parents did to keep this family farm going. The trips to the cotton gin pulling that trailer full of the "cotton snow" made me want to put these memories on canvas.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Hope you enjoy!   

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