Fine Art Gallery "Touch the Heart with Original Art by Carolyn Altman of Vernon, Texas

Carolyn's experience in painting and illustrating has helped her create her special Glory Bee Baby brand of baby memory books with hand painted and personalized covers.  She has illustrated several children's books including her daughter's books about Hitchin' Post the cute cowboy jack rabbit.  Carolyn loved to create note cards and greeting cards from her paintings.  Her angels are inspiring.

Bob White Quail amid a Prickly Pear Cactus art prints by Carolyn Altman.

"Hitchin' Post and the Tornado Twistin Fourth of July Celebration" is an exciting adventure story about a jack rabbit and his brothers, cowboys, a tornado and a traditional independence day celebration on the beloved 6Bs Ranch. The author of this children's book is Julie Barker and Carolyn Altman of Vernon, Texas is the illustrator.

Lion and Baby Painting.....Original, Prints and Note Cards are available for purchase.

Zebra and Baby Painting.....Original, Prints and Note Cards are available for purchase.

Zebra and Baby Painting......Original, Prints and Note Cards are available for purchase.

Elephant and Baby....Original, Prints and Note Cards are available for purchase.

Texas Hill Country Deer

A Championship Buckle Awarded! Commissioned Art Piece...Sold

Playing Dress Up....Original is available for purchase.

The Alamo in the Rain....36x48 inch deep canvas, acrylic painting of people in their yellow slicks and with umbrellas visiting the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas while it is raining. Original is available for purchase.

Cowgirl Attire....Original is Sold Prints are available in my shop.

Aurora Baxter, the Cow....acrylic painting.

A Single Red Rose....a 12x12 inch acrylic painting. Sold at

Sunflower Delight....Original is Sold, prints are available in my shop.

Night Mare....Original is available for purchase.

Happy Day at the Parade....this painting was created from a photograph of the 4th of July parade in Clarendon, Texas. The main characters were on stilts. I painted their faces to be my mom and dad. The little girl on the right is my great niece, the lady sitting on the side walk in the floppy hat is a friend of ours. The little girl in the middle holding the USA flag was me when I was two. The original and prints are available for purchase.

Geraniums in a Pot

Cotton, the Bouquet of My Childhood is a 24x48 inch painting in acrylic medium. The original is available for purchase.

God Bless the Rain is a 30" x 36" acrylic painting on stretched canvas.

A Bushel and a Peck is an acrylic painting on stretched deep canvas. Original and prints are available.

on Porch is available for purchase at

Poppy's Horses.....a 24x48 inch painting done in acrylic medium. (Sold)

Julie the Birddog on Point with Bobwhite Quail....a 24x36 inch acrylic painting. (Sold)

Three Rabbits (Sold) Note cards available.

Sorghum Field...Acrylic Painting (Sold)

Daughters of Smokey is an acrylic painting of three horses on the Waggoner Ranch. Original is Sold.

A Dog Named Reba is an acrylic painting of my grandson's dog. The Wilbarger County Humane Society used this painting for their note cards. The original is available at

A Bowl Full of Radishes acrylic painting on deep canvas. Original is available at

San Antonio Riverwalk acrylic painting is a bright painting with the colorful umbrellas on the little tables at a sidewalk cafe. This is a 10x20 inch painting and the original is available for sale at

Waitin at the Cook Shack, a WT Waggoner Ranch painting. The original is sold.

Takin a Break is a Waggoner Ranch Cowboys painting, painted in acrylic medium. (Sold)

Rock House at Entrance of the Waggoner Ranch (Sold)

Santa Rosa Palomino Club painting in acrylic medium. Three palomino horses in the Santa Rosa Rodeo Parade. The original is available at

A Pretty Long Hair Daschund acrylic painting (Sold)

A Sweet Kitchen Mixer Painting (Sold)

Buffalo at Medicine Mound (Sold)

Puppy Love....a painting that I did for a baby memory book. These cute dogs belong to the mother that ordered the book for her new baby.

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