Conserving the Lone Star State through Fine Art by Texas Artist, Carolyn Altman

Artist original paintings featuring art that captures the expansive and beautiful lone star state of Texas.  Brilliant, bold, colorful paintings that will certainly stand out to be admired by art collectors.  Fine artwork for that special place in your great room, living room, bedroom, pleasing to the eye on an expansive wall or a little nook.  Prints are available.  

Sorghum Field...Acrylic Painting (Sold)

Gulley Washer is a 30" x 36" acrylic painting on stretched canvas.

Texas Hill Country Deer

San Antonio Riverwalk acrylic painting is a bright painting with the colorful umbrellas on the little tables at a sidewalk cafe. This is a 10x20 inch painting and the original is available for sale at

The Alamo in the Rain....36x48 inch deep canvas, acrylic painting of people in their yellow slicks and with umbrellas visiting the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas while it is raining. Original is available for purchase.

Buffalo at Medicine Mound (Sold)

Cotton, the Bouquet of My Childhood is a 24x48 inch painting in acrylic medium. The original is available for purchase.

Knight Mare....Original is available for purchase.

Geraniums in a Flowered Pot (Original is Sold)

Bob White Quail amid a Prickly Pear Cactus art prints by Carolyn Altman.

Sitting in the Sun

Playing Dress Up....Original is available for purchase.

A Bushel and a Peck is an acrylic painting on stretched deep canvas. Original and prints are available.

Poppy's Horses.....a 24x48 inch painting done in acrylic medium. (Sold)

Julie the Birddog on Point with Bobwhite Quail....a 24x36 inch acrylic painting. (Sold)

Rock House at Entrance of the Waggoner Ranch (Sold)

Daughters of Smokey is an acrylic painting of three horses on the Waggoner Ranch. Original is Sold.

Takin a Break is a Waggoner Ranch Cowboys painting, painted in acrylic medium. (Sold)

A Dog Named Reba is an acrylic painting of my grandson's dog. The Wilbarger County Humane Society used this painting for their note cards. The original is available at

A Bowl Full of Radishes acrylic painting on deep canvas. Original is sold.

Waitin at the Cook Shack, a WT Waggoner Ranch painting. The original is sold.

Santa Rosa Palomino Club painting in acrylic medium. Four palomino horses in the Santa Rosa Rodeo Parade. The original is sold. Art Prints and note cards are available.

A Pretty Long Hair Daschund acrylic painting (Sold)

A Sweet Kitchen Mixer Painting (Sold)

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