When I think of a country Christmas, I can remember a cold crisp morning with a coating of frost blanketing the ground.  I think of a simple pine wreath with a big red bow.  I can see one on a fence post with perhaps a bob white quail perched on top of the post above the wreath.  

In the country there can be a silence that says peace on earth.  Perhaps you can hear the sound of a momma cow calling for her baby calf.  Then you can see the contentment as the calf nestles itself up to her momma as she receives her morning milk.  

That cold crisp moment in the manger many years ago, Baby Jesus was cuddled by his momma, as he slept peacefully.  Anticipation filled the air as the animals and the little shepherd boy gathered in awe at the site of this little tiny baby sleeping under a bright shining star.

May Christmas bring a comfort to you that abides with you through out the coming year.  

Merry Christmas from Our House to Yours.